Commercial Tenancy Application

  • Business information

  • Business rental history

  • Applicant one

  • Applicant two

  • Guarantor one

  • Guarantor two

  • Banking / accountant references

  • Trade / creditor references

  • Trade / dreditor reference

  • Trade / creditor reference

  • Statement of financial position

  • Liabilities

  • Mortgage loans
  • Assets

  • Declaration

  • I / We declare that all of the information contained is accurate and complete. I / We understand and agree that if any of the information is found to be false or incomplete, the landlord will have the right to reject this application and terminate the Lease Agreement with immediate effect .

    I / We hereby authorise the Landlord to conduct any credit / reference checks on me / us to verify the information with any third party including Landlords, Banks, Creditors or other persons.

  • Please Note:

    Where prospective tenants are Husband & Wife, a combined application is acceptable.

    Where prospective tenants are not Husband & Wife, separate applications for each party must be completed.

    Where a prospective tenant is a private company, a Directors Guarantee is required together with separate application made by each Director.


    To assist in processing of your application promptly, please provide copies of the following:

    • Current business trading or taxation returns financials
    • Business plan and cash flow forecast
    • Cash flow forecast
    • ASIC Extract listing Company Directors (where the prospective tenant is a private company)