Residential Selling Tips


It’s worthwhile investing time and a few hundred dollars to spruce up your property prior to selling.  Prospective Buyers are well educated in the market and will compare your property with others they have inspected, weighing up the asking price, presentation and value for money offered by your home.

Presentation then becomes a key to increasing the salability and likely selling price of your home.  We suggest you start by taking a tour of your property, view the home as if you were a potential buyer, look for minor repairs i.e. cleaning jobs and identify furniture and decor which could be cluttering your home and detracting from its presentation.

We also recommend that you conduct a ‘curb side’ inspection, do this by viewing your property from the street, ‘does it look inviting’? If not, it could be as simple as planting some bright coloured flowers, painting your front fence, tidying an over grown garden bed or removing an old or damaged window awning.

Our Agents are here to help and can assist you to identify and prepare your home for sale. In the meantime, the following tips may assist:

  • Eliminate cigarette, animal & strong food odours from the home
  • Remove any stains from your carpet
  • Clean and tidy all cupboards and drawers
  • Ensure all doors, windows and gates open & close properly
  • Spot clean any marks on your walls
  • De-clutter each room by storing excess furniture & / or personal belongings
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Ensure your bathrooms, grout and shower screens are sparkling
  • Clean your oven and grill
  • Clear off the kitchen counters
  • Do minor repairs i.e. replace cracked tiles, glass, fill and paint any holes in the walls
  • Fix leaking taps
  • Repair broken fence palings, lattice and clotheslines
  • Tidy garden beds, garden sheds and use a pressure washer to clean pavers


When it comes to selling your property, choosing the right Agent is paramount.  It is wise to select an experienced Agent, one who is familiar with the market and has the ability to attract and secure the right buyer for your property.

Our team has successfully matched thousands of buyers to houses, units, townhouses, lifestyle properties and building blocks in Albury, Wodonga and the surrounding area. We are locals and knowledgeable about the market, property trends and experienced, making the process of selling straightforward, lucrative and stress free. 

We are confident in our ability and invite you to attend any of our open homes as a ‘would be buyer’, meet our Agents, experience our level of service and follow up firsthand, as this will be the same service we will offer the Prospective Purchasers of your home.


Our team offers a range of highly effective selling methods for your property, including:

  • Private Treaty
  • Public Auction
  • Expressions of Interest 

Each method offers a variety of benefits. Prior to recommending a selling method for your property, our Agents will appraise your property and consider current market demand together with the location, price and uniqueness of your property to ensure the method used, will achieve the highest price possible for you. 

The majority of properties sold in the local area used Private Treaty as the selling method. This method involves the property being offered for sale at a disclosed price or price range.  An Auction on the other hand, can be a highly effective method of sale where the price of your property is difficult to determine and / or your property will create multiple buyers and competitive bidding to achieve a higher price.

Our team are experienced and here to assist and advise you on the right method of sale for your property.