Residential Maintenance Request

If you require property maintenance, please assist our team by providing as much detail as possible about the repairs. Once we receive your request, we will contact the owner and arrange for a tradesperson to contact you to gain access to the property at a mutually agreeable time.

In the event of urgent repairs, please contact our office immediately and we will attend to your situation as quickly as possible. If this is outside business hours, you should take whatever action is necessary to protect your goods and the property from further damage.

Before proceeding with your maintenance request, please refer to the below guide to avoid any unnecessary call outs:

No electricity

The first place to check is your meter box as there may have been an overload and the safety switch has been ‘tripped’ and needs resetting.
Faulty appliances can ‘trip’ the safety switch, so please unplug all appliances in the home, then reset the safety switch in the metre box. If the safety switch trips again when the appliances are unplugged, contact our property management team.
If you’re renting a unit, check with your neighbour to see if their power is off as it may be the body corporate that needs to be contacted for action or if there’s a fault in your street, contact your energy supplier.

No hot water

Have you arranged connection of your gas or electricity? If yes, please check the following list:

No electric hot water

Have you checked the fuse in the metre box as it may need to be reset or perhaps the tap on the hot water system itself is turned off?

No gas hot water

Is the pilot light out? Most units are easily re-lit by simply following the instructions on the inside door of the system.

Lights or power points not working

Checked your meter box as the safety switch may need resetting.

Dripping taps

Have you changed the washers?

Tv reception

Ensure that the aerial and leads are plugged in correctly.


Any problems relating to the phone should be directed to Telstra or your service provider.

Air conditioner

Check the meter box to ensure the safety switch hasn’t tripped and / or check the batteries in the remote control to ensure that they’re charged.

If you are still having a problem

You can log your maintenance request in one of the following ways:

  • Your details

  • Maintenance details

  • Please provide as much information of the repairs as possible